Member organizations of the Adams County Unity Coalition share an interest in building a community of respect for all peoples regardless of age, gender, class, race/ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, appearance, ability, or employment status. The Coalition provides resource-sharing and networking opportunities for member organizations and facilitates collaboration among member organizations to support our individual and collective efforts to promote peace, justice, and unity in Adams County.

Goals and activities

To serve as an information and support network, the Coalition will

  • meet three to four times a year to facilitate networking and sharing of information;  responsibility for hosting the meeting and providing an educational component for the meeting will rotate among member organizations
  • distribute Coalition meeting notes and contact information for member organizations  on a regular basis to keep members informed
  • maintain a member email group to provide opportunities for dialogue and information/resource-sharing among members
  • identify and respond to needs that arise in the community for additional programming in support of our mission.

To increase visibility of and participation in unity-related events in Adams County, member organizations will

  • identify events and programs they sponsor that are relevant to the mission of the Coalition (hereafter “unity events”)
  • advertise their membership in the Coalition in the publicity for these unity events
  • provide the Coalition with information regarding these unity events to contribute to an online calendar available on our website
  • disseminate information to their membership about unity events sponsored by other member organizations.